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Notice to Parents

Dear Parents


Once again, I’m writing with a heavy heart to inform you that we’ve been hit by the floods as a result of the recent storms. Unfortunately, the waters exceeded previous levels we’ve encountered and has caused damage to the studio, office and kitchen area.

The flood improvements we made in 2020 were unable to cope with the sheer volume and speed of water and the pump became overwhelmed. Amidst the flood we bought and borrowed two additional pumps and stayed during the flooding to ensure they were working. Unfortunately, this was still not enough.

It has become necessary to dig an additional sump pump to accommodate the scale of our studio footprint and make the one we have already larger. Whereas the disruption to our timetable is more than frustrating we realise that we cannot go on without effective flood protection. We are in communication with a flood tech company in early stages of making plans to begin works.


Finally, as sad and as sorry as I am to deliver this disappointing news, I believe our studio is an important part of our community that must continue.

We are a small independent educational setting; we are a small team but we are hugely passionate about our work and what we provide to children.

Please bear with us.

Very Best Wishes


Kerry 🎨


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