What we do:-


Encourage children to develop their own unique personalities through expressive art.

Why painting with music is a good process art activity.


The children are given an easel which helps control their movements on paper/canvas. The area is already prepped so that paint can be dropped or get messy without any interruption.


The music is gentle, uplifting and age appropriate. The music helps guide children to emote and express freely. The music has different tempos and moods. Some light pieces and some more dramatic. This encourages children to paint what they hear and what they feel without any inhibitions or concerns of painting something specific.

Why this class is important


Painting to music allows children to interpret and process sensory information. It also allows them to take ownership of the music by creating their individual impressions.


Through this children begin to understand that things we hear or experience can shape how we feel and what we do. Thoughts that may have been intangible are now on paper expressed without encountering communication boundaries.


Bloom workshops are guided by the idea that children can create freely gaining confidence, celebrating their own unedited ability to produce vibrant art in a fun and energetic environment.

“Art has always been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. One of my favourite sounds as a child was hearing the clink of a brush being washed in a glass jar and this is the reason I still use glass jars today”


Since studying art in Shrewsbury and Cardiff University I have worked hard to develop myself as a creative practitioner. It isn’t a job it’s an integral part of who I am. Sharing my passion to inspire others is something I pride myself on. 


Following nine years of teaching experience, the school environment enabled me to closely observe and understand the importance of creativity from and an early age and throughout school life.


Experimenting with music initiated the original concept changing tempos and making notes, helped the process activity began to develop.


Working with children has given me personal fulfilment by helping them reach their full potential.


Through art and music, I have found I can raise their self-esteem. Seeing children as individuals with their own unique personalities and encouraging this to grow is a privilege. 

Kerry Jones is the founder of Bloom, Champart and creator of art hub Studio 39 

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