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Studio 39 is the perfect venue for an art party, suitable for age 6 upwards.

We pride ourselves on our parties made personal to the birthday guest. Party packages start at £22 per head with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12.


A Bloom party includes Bloom invitations. We prefer parents to use these as there is important information regarding photography in the studio. On arrival we project a picture of the birthday guest as a welcome. The party is an art to music activity. The guests work on canvas at easels guided by projected visual aids, music is played throughout which sometimes has a direct response to the imagery projected. Balloons are attached to each easel, all materials and aprons are provided. Whilst the masterpieces are drying the guests enjoy party food at our tables.


Age 10+. Why not try one of our UV parties? This includes everything a Bloom party has to offer with added pizazz, UV lighting, glow-sticks and face paint. 

As we don't have catering facilities at the studio, you are welcome to bring your own food or order in a pizza

Party Bags - We care about our environment and our planet. In our quest to support reducing single use plastics we have decided to remove party bags from our packages, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Due to the acoustics in the studio and covid restrictions we ask that only immediate party guests family (2 Adults) remain during the party and party attendees parents drop at the door

As all parties are bespoke please email Kerry for more information and a booking and information pack.

Click the link to download info and booking form

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